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Warrior Maiden
Guysssss. I’m trying my hardest to save up for this witch tattoo on the bottom right. One of my town’s most popular tattoo shops has a special every Halloween and this tattoo will only be, including tax and tip, $150 on Halloween and I’m serrrriously wanting it. Like, this is more than a random want, this is a need. Like, I need something a fun, spontaneous, and new tattoo in my life right now. It just feels right. 
If I end up not being able to afford the witch, I’m going to get the moon with the bat silhouettes in the middle left, which will only be $40!
Send good vibes my way please!!!

So the boyfriend took my red sharpie and drew a heart around my nipple. 

I’ve always kind of wanted something like that tattooed around both of my nipples and so I had fun looking at it in the mirror. 

It kinda faded away a bit ‘cause I was sitting around topless drawing something for a friend and it wore away on my tummy. 

I got a couple pictures of it but since it faded they’re not the greatest quality.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have him redraw it on both of my breasts and I’ll take better pictures! :D

thestuffhole replied to your post: thestuffhole answered your question: I’m thinking…

Get a tattoo! I’ve been itching for one, personally.

Ah, you have no idea. I’ve been wanting another tattoo for months. But they’re much more expensive than a piercing. I have one in mind that I might do next, but I’m going to try and wait until my birthday at least. :3

Thinking it might be a good time for another tattoo

So I’ve decided it would be a great way to honor not only where I got my name from, but also a great movie, by getting Elora Danan’s birth mark tattooed on my arm. 



Elayne Angel 

Can I just say how much I absolutely love this piece? This is just so amazing. I’m in love.
In love I tell you!
The colors are perfect and the idea is beautiful and magical. I seriously would love love love to have this on my body. But I couldn’t just copy the idea, that would be rude. :(
What can I do? D: I want this in my life!
I love tattoos! :D What of m’dear?

I’m not sure yet. D: I’ve just been wanting one recently. I kind of want one to represent me becoming happy/proud of my body how it is. Some kind of chubby pride/confidence thing. ^w^ Maybe some kind of cute chubby pinup girl or something? I’m not sure. I will definitely have to mull over it for a long time.

It was different with my other tattoo ‘cause that was to memorialize my uncle so there wasn’t much hard thought involved there. My heart just knew it was right. The only effort I put in to that was finding the right font. :3

Maybe when I figure out what I want it to be you could draw it for me!?!?! Your art would be forever “inked” onto a person’s body. :OO

I think it’s time for a second tattoo