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Warrior Maiden

Classes tomorrow. 

Need to somehow motivate myself to get up and clean up the apartment a bit in this cold weather. I want a clutter-free, tidy apartment to come back to after classes. The less stress at home, the better. This needs to be my safe space.

I bought this beautiful candelabra a few weeks ago on clearance at Michael’s. This is the setup you see when you first enter our apartment.
The only bad things is that the tea lights I bought last only maybe six hours or so. I need to get bigger candles. :(

Dammit. Like, as soon as I start the new month of my pills, the mood swings come back. It was great during my period except for the fact that I was insanely horny and couldn’t have sex.

But now, after only a day or two of starting the new month, I’ve been super depressed and I’ve been a little irritable too. I just feel so bad for the boyfriend because he has to deal with it and he just looks so worried/sad/helpless when I’m all depressed around the house.

I want a new place that has more space and that allows animals so I can have a cat/kitten. I feel like that would have a nice calming effect on me. It’s so weird to live somewhere where there aren’t cats. It’s just…wrong.

And god dammit, Reddit isn’t helping with people spontaneously happening upon adorable abandoned kittens everywhere.

Today consisted of:

All in all, a pretty nice day once one filters out the parts with ignorant ass dickhole in them. PLUS, knowing that I don’t have classes tomorrow and can just sleep in and spoon and cuddle with the boyfriend just makes right now sooo much better. :3

We’re gonna go riding on our bikes tomorrow! :D It’s been years since I’ve ridden a bike you guys. D: I’m a little nervous. I’ve only ridden this new bike a little bit. Wish me luck! I’ll try and get some good pictures of the new bike tomorrow. :3

And finally moving into the 21st century by finally getting a flat screen (courtesy of my amazing mother on my birthday). Everything looks so incredibly amazing on it….I don’t even…ahhhhhhh….yeah. :3

Oh, and those cats from Lady and the Tramp are from her too. :D

Been having more problems with not having sex enough with the boyfriend. PCOS can really lower your libido and it’s really hard on our relationship sometimes. :(

However it always seems to work out that when the sexual frustration (on his part) comes to a climax (see what I did there?) and we have a little silent fight (you know, the kind where nothing is really said, and you just kind of go to different rooms in the apartment and cry ((on my part))) I always end up having a really hot lesbian dream that night and end up waking up insanely horny. Morning sex ensues. Problem solved.

Well night before last it wasn’t a lesbian dream that led to morning sex;this time it was sex with an old high school teacher. And god damn was it hot. It made me have a sudden fetish for teacher/student situations. 

I fantasized sexing up my professors the rest of the morning. <3

Sex with the boyfriend was good too. >:3

Apartment status: tornado

Sink status: Mount Everest

God I can’t wait to clean this place up tomorrow. Saturday is the boyfriend’s birthday and his younger sister is coming up to visit on Friday. Which means huge cleanup day tomorrow. Thank GAWD I only have one class on Friday in the afternoon so I can spend all my time tomorrow cleaning up ALL THE THINGS.

I seriously can’t wait for the boyfriend to open all his presents. :D I spoiled him this year. ^^

Also, there’s no better feeling than wearing a new pair of tennis shoes after wearing nothing but flat, holey, beat up converse knock-offs for months and months. And with socks that don’t have holes in them either! :D

Boyfriend and I had a talk tonight. Maybe things will get a little better now.

Hope abounds! :D



My boyfriend and I have been thinking about getting a hamster. What I’d really love is a cat since I miss mine so much and I’ve always had cats in my life. But there’s a few reasons a cat would be harder:

So I’ve been thinking we can wait until we get a bigger place to get a cat and in the meantime get a hamster to join us in our little apartment. It just feels wrong to live somewhere without animals. I’ve always had pets in my house before. Soooo, we might go looking at hamsters soon/get one during spring break. :D

In the meantime, enjoy this screencap of a hamster I made in a flash game on DA. :D