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Warrior Maiden
I also got this lovely beautiful Tangled Animators Collection Rapunzel doll for Christmas. ♥♥♥ Such a perfect Christmas gift-wise. She is too adorable!

I am so completely and utterly confused. 

I had just enough money in my account the other day for January rent after I went grocery shopping. I made sure of it. And my bank texted me confirming that after grocery shopping the next day. 

So then today I wake up to another balance update text saying I have 29 dollars more in my account now. Where the hell did that money come from???

I checked my statement, and I noticed it’s missing the Disney Pocahontas doll I bought, that cost about the same price, but that shipped days ago. Last it was scanned it was leaving Illinois. 

What does this mean? I don’t understand? Like…is the doll being taken back for some reason? Or is the money from somewhere else??

Where did it come from?????

I bought my baby sister this amazingly adorable Disney Animators’ Collection Pocahontas doll for Christmas. 

I had a hard time choosing between this one and the Rapunzel one. They are both so adorable (though they’re the only ones out of the collection that I liked). I reallllly want one for myself. It was so hard not to get one for myself as well. I eventually chose Pocahontas because I thought it would be good early on for her to have a non-white doll, since I’m sure she’ll have plenty white ones in her life. In fact, my mom told me after I told her I got the Pocahontas one for Freya that she was going to get her the Rapunzel one since she really liked that one too.

My mom said that when she saw them in the store and on the computer, she immediately said, “baby!”. lol. Too cute! ♥

But I’m officially jealous of my baby sister now, getting both of these dolls which I’m in love with. </3 

I really hope that these will still be available in January so I can get one for myself. Please please please!

Also, I’m watching my Hercules VHS and I’m so happy right now. <3

Follower friends, you must help me out here and tell me your top five favorite Disney characters

Whether they be main characters or characters that are only seen a few times in the movie. 

I must know because of reasons. >w> *plotting*

EEEE! Disney is now on Netflix!!!

Now I can be extra lazy and just watch them there instead of popping in my VHS tapes! :D

First up: Aristocats. <3

Guess who&#8217;s totally watching Halloweentown right now!?!?