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Warrior Maiden

I need a girl friend that lives close by to want to be friends with benefits. </3

Like, still be best friends and be there for each other, but also like to be naughty with each other on occasion. ♥

Anonymous sent: That's so hot, I think my dashboard just melted a little bit...

I miss those days. QwQ She’s married now and as soon as she was engaged, her fiance wouldn’t let us have play time anymore. :(((

I don’t have any other girlfriends that I would even dare ask to be friend with benefits, haha. Though there is one I have that I wish I could, but that would probably make her uncomfortable. 

With this old friend, it just sort of naturally happened ‘cause she was such a sexual person.

Anonymous sent: Have you ever had sex with a girl?

I wouldn’t call it sex, but I more or less played with my best friend in high school and we experimented with each other and got each other off and it was freaking fantastic. I liked playing with her more than being played with, but yeah, we got naked all the time and I got to tease her and play with her adorable boobs and discovered how tasty and amazing flavored lube is. ♥

Anonymous sent: A girl can't talk about sex on the Internet without a ton of creepy guys going "Hey baby! I hear you like to fuck! I like to fuck too! Wanna fuck?" And it's like "Yeah, but not with you, Creepy McCreeperson!"

For real. -_- It’s so pathetic and tired. 

Oh my fucking god. 

I just got like 10 different porn blogs following me because of these asks. Fuck off you freaking losers. They’re just tmi asks. Control your boners, ass wipes.

I wonder who is asking me all these anyway. x3 I appreciate you whoever you are! ♥

Anonymous sent: Lol, okay. How about: Would you ever have sex with more than one person at a time, if given the opportunity? Group sex?


Dream sex scenario, right there. I don’t really care too much about the ratio of men to women or nbs or what-have-you, as long as there is a least one other person with breasts there. I miss boobs. </3

Anonymous sent: Head: Do you like giving or receiving better?

Definitely giving. I have to really be in the mood to give head, but when I am I love giving it ‘cause I love being mean and getting them really close and then slowing down before getting them close again. And I love looking up from down below at them with sexy/dominating eyes. 

I also love it when the person I’m giving head to will put their hand on my head or hold up my hair for me. ♥

I’m kinda uncomfortable receiving head myself, partially because I feel like it doesn’t work that well for me.

Anonymous sent: Okay: Describe the most amazing sexual experience you've ever had? (Yup, I went there)

xDDD oh man that’s so general. HMMMMMM. This is going to be hard, since the boyfriend and I have been having sex for almost like, four years. xDD

It would alllmost be the time the boyfriend cuffed my hands behind the chair I was sitting on and edged me with the hitachi, except that we weren’t very smart about it and after I was uncuffed my arms hurt so much from being in that position too long that when they were released I started to cry from the pain. 

There were also the great kinky times that we had when the boyfriend still lived at home (and having sex was new to me and pretty new for him too), being pinned against the wall and having to ask permission to cum, buuuuut that was always made awkward by the fact that his walls were paper thin and we often had his sister knocking on the opposite wall telling us to be quiet. Dxxxx And I am NOT a quiet sex partner.

Give me more interesting or challenging tmi questions! 

That last one was something most people do AT LEAST once in their livessss!

Or tell me to describe a certain experience or something.