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Warrior Maiden

Had to leave the bedroom ‘cause I started to have an anxiety attack, full on bawling and sobbing and gagging ‘cause I couldn’t breathe. Not that it would have woken up the boyfriend anyway.

Moving to a new room with soft lighting and getting on Tumblr seems to be helping.

I need sleeping pills for nights like these where being left alone to my thoughts while trying to sleep is both terrifying and depressing and anxiety inducing. Read: most nights.

Today has just been a depressed day full of different emotions and feeling shitty. All while fearing the beginnings of a migraine in my head half the day and hoping it doesn’t come out ‘cause I’m down to half a vicodin. 

I should have let myself fully cry earlier today the two times I needed to instead of holding it in, I might feel a little better if I need. Crying can be so cathartic. 

Just gonna go to bed playing Quizup and trying to be #1 in LOTR in Washington State. I’m already #5. 

Birdy birb! I want this on my wall!
I’m gonna start reblogging kleinsaur’s work until all of you are following her!


Sooo, I finally decided to get in on this feature points app, since I don’t have a job yet and could really use the spare money. So if anyone wants to try out the app using my referral code, that would be suuper awesome. You get a point bonus for using a referral code too! 

I just started using a referral code from a really popular blogger I follow and she, through lots of help from her followers using her referral code, has made about $500 from her featurepoints. 

It’s available on both iphone, ipad, and android! 

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Reblogging this since I could reallly use the money for rent and food right now. 

All you have to do is download apps and games from the list they have and after having it open for like a minute, you usually get the points and then you can just delete whatever you downloaded from your phone after that, that’s what I do!

Referrals realllly help!

Watching that Louie show since I always see a lot of good gifsets/photosets coming from it, but so far I don’t like it. I thought he was cooler and more for social justice than he really seems to be in this show. He’s still offensive.

Beat a baby twice at some trivia and he needs to boost his ego. 

Testing out old high school “myspace” picture angles again. First time I’ve done one in at least 4 years, but this time I do it with a whole new love for my bod.