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Warrior Maiden

It’s really pissing me off how much you’re making sure I’m aware of how much you’re dreading spending a day with me and my baby sister tomorrow. Could you be any more of a jerk? 

I don’t throw this huge of a passive-aggressive tantrum when your mother comes over, even though she gives me migraines and is extremely emotionally draining to be around. I’ve only recently started to show that it’s a struggle for me to be around her after three years of being cheerful and supportive towards her and feigning ignorance in front of her about her delusional, conspiratorial, unhinged outlook on life. I’m sorry to get nasty, but fuck you. If I can deal with all of that for years, ever since I first met you, do you think you could suck it up and spare a little time for me and my baby sister? 

I want you to get used to being around her and like her and a day with you and her together sounds so fun to me, but all you can do is whine about it whenever it’s brought up. You raise my hopes when I’ll talk about cute things she did after watching her all day and smile and say that’s adorable, yet when it comes to actually being around her you turn into the 2 year old.

Stop being an unwilling douche.


pros of being pansexual:

  • boys r hot
  • girls r hot
  • non-binary people are hot
  • everyone is hot
  • hot like a tater tot

cons of being pansexual:

  • why is everyone hot
  • ”are you sexually attracted to pans”
  • why is everyone hot
  • "thats not a real thing"

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Ugh, getting nervous about watching Freya tomorrow ‘cause I think I’m going to take her on a bus to the pool, which I’ve never done before and she’s never been on a bus before so I’m hoping she behaves and isn’t a pill when I carry her from the bus stop to the pool place ‘cause I’m not bringing the stroller on the bus ‘cause I don’t want to try and load and unload both that and her four different times, that’s just scary.

Anonymous sent: Miss Moonsword, why are you so pretty and awesome?

Awwwww, who are you? Let me love you!!! 

If anyone’s awake you should ask me questions.



Fucking PCOS pains. 

Please stop.