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Warrior Maiden
Anonymous sent: TMI: Sometimes at work my brain will wander towards sexual thoughts and then I'll get all flustered and sweaty. Today I had to sneak off into the bathroom for a quick rub. Freaking Hell.

I used to do half of that first bit in college classes a lot. I had quite a few daydreams about my Latin professor, lol. Buuuut, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so hot from it that I had to do that second part, haha

homomiyamakoto sent: HEY hope your pizza is nice and you feel better!!!! <3 if you want company I'm here

Thank you so much sweetheart! ♥♥♥

Watch some anime on netflix! First season of Sward Art Online is good (second season I’ve just started and isn’t as great so far). Been watching death note which is really interesting too. Trigun and Full Metal Alchemist is really good too :O

I’ve been considering Sword Art Online for a while and my brother recommended it too, and Devon had me watch the first run of Full Metal and the first movie, still need to get to Brotherhood. :)

For now I’m downloading a funny movie I’ve been wanting to see for a while hoping it’ll cheer me up. ♥

(Also, OMG why are your snapchats so short, I don’t get to appreciate them for long enough! xDDD)

Seriously. TMI asks, funny/happy stories, submit cute pictures of your pets, anything.
I would really really appreciate some anons tonight to distract me. I’m going to order loneliness/scared to go to bed pizza and try to find something comforting to watch.

Help. Feeling that empty apathetic depression. Don’t want to do anything. Boyfriend just got back from work and has to go to bed soon already so I’d feel shitty bothering him. Not sure if I’m too tired to cry or not. Even though I’m tired I don’t want to go to bed without dinner. It feels lonely and like a defeat.

I’m sad I finished Frasier again the other night, it sounds comforting right now.

Finally fell asleep for a few hours on the couch after all that, but then some asshole people were outside in our parking lot at like 6 in the morning doing some stupid chant and laughing so that ruined that. I went back to the bedroom finally at like eight and slept for a bit but now I have to be up ‘cause I’m watching my baby sister today in a half hour and god I’m so tired and out of it from last night and I just don’t have the energy to do anything.

Thank you, love dove. That sounds perfect right now.

I feel sick to my stomach now.