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Warrior Maiden

1. Always post the rules.

2. Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, then write 11 new ones.

3. Tag 11 people then link them to the post.

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5. Tell the person that tagged you when you’ve answered the questions.

1) What is a word you have the tendency to spell wrong? Anniversary 

2) What is the best birthday present you ever received? 
Oh man, that’s a hard one. I can’t remember too far back. Maybe my tattoo for my 18th birthday? 

3) Tell me some of your pet peeves? People saying “new-cue-lar” instead of “new-clee-er”, prejudiced/ignorant/racist fuckwits, someone interrupting me in the middle of doing something, when I’m being genuinely nice and smiley to a person at their job (like a sales associate or checker) and they’re really rude or impassive in return, 

4) What type of person do you see yourself with? (no celebs. like describe your ideal person)  Someone who will watch lots of movies or episodes of a tv show with me, who won’t judge me for what I do or don’t eat, who will accept the fact that I have a low libido, who is compassionate towards animals and tries to stay knowledgeable about social issues, who stands up to their friends when they say something prejudiced or discriminatory, who is a feminist or feminist ally, who will play video games for me to watch (especially the ones I’m too scared to play myself/alone), who watches me play games, and who, if they’re a guy, doesn’t shrink away from “feminine” things because they’re not “manly” and who, if they’re a woman, doesn’t participate in girl hate, and who, if they’re anywhere else on the gender spectrum, doesn’t do any of those things and doesn’t try to dictate to others who identify differently on the spectrum how they should present themselves.

5) What is a quick way for you to end a friendship? Honestly, I’ve never officially ended a friendship and told the friend why. I’ve always been terrified of confrontation like that, so if anything I just sort of slowly stop talking to them.

6) Quick! What’s to your left!? Whatever it is, you will use to fight off an infected vampire!?! What is it? And will you be able to survive? A pillow. I’m fucked! Unless it’s daytime and it’s a super sleepy vampire.

7) Think back to 2007, how old were you? Were you dating anyone? At that time, what was the most important thing in your life? I was 15, definitely not dating anyone, and the most important thing in my life then were my friends, pets, and mom. 

8) Pick 5 different music genres! Now. Recommend me some songs! (plz) oh no oh no oh no. Ummm, I don’t really know what genres the songs I would pick would be in, so I’ll just give you five random songs? 

Game Over by Alexa Vega
Águas de Marco by Elis Regina
Intro by The xx
Latinoaméria by Calle 13
And then maybe if you’re familiar with the Skyrim theme you might appreciate this. 

9) What is the worst movie you have ever seen? Probably Superbad. I couldn’t even get halfway through it.

10) Everyone has unhidden talents, what are yours?! (think long and hard!) Is this supposed to say hidden talents? D: I’m gonna assume that. I’m good at keeping calm when I’m in a group (I lose that cool when I’m alone though), I’m good at lying even though that’s a horrible thing to be good at, and I’m good at making people feel better with my words even if sometimes I feel like I don’t understand their situation that well.

11) If you could have any job, regardless of how silly it is, what would you be? (it can be a dinosaur wrangler, idc! just tell me) Well lately I’ve been thinking I’d love to do something with sex education, but if I could be something that is a little more wild…a writer (I’ve had writer’s block + depression for years)…a person who could talk to animals and be the translator between them and humans.

My questions:

1.) What’s one fear or anxiety that you would wish to instantly overcome?

2.) What’s an irrational fear or annoyance that you have that others tell you is silly or annoying?

3.) What’s something that you find you imagine the most when you’re trying to calm yourself into sleep at night, after you close your eyes? 

4.) Describe your dream house/apartment/living space and its surroundings.

5.) What are 7 of your favorite smells?

6.) What comes to your mind when you read/hear the word “comfort”?

7.) Are there any languages that you really admire/love to hear/appreciate?

8.) Name one movie that you can recite line-for-line.

9.) What’s a tv show/fandom that you really want to get into but you just can’t seem to ever muster up the will to start/you’re afraid of getting in too deep?

10.) What was your favorite Halloween costume you ever wore?

I tag: milkscab, missbonniebunny, mentallyyruinedd, sassymoonqueen, kleinsaur, lindsaysmendez, marshmallowdominatrixprincess, and matildaswormwood (if you feel like doing it again). 

I love Dominos!
Yvonne put our order in the oven at 11:35! 

I love you Yvonne.

We just ordered pizzzaaa. 

I usually only go for cheese or cheese with pineapple, but this time I ordered green pepper on half. Yaaay doing different things.

Mmmm. Long hair Tristan. ♥

i love stardust in general

Same! I was kinda confused about my feelings for it the first time I saw it but I love watching it now. ♥

I love the music in Stardust. 

Tristan is too damn cute. 

Also, does anyone else get a slight Brendan Fraser feel off of him or am I just totally off base? 

Gonna watch Stardust on Netflix and attempt a little vodka once more and hope it doesn’t trigger a migraine.